Advice on 2gb Hdd's for important data

I have built my wife a new computer all except the Hard Drive.

I'm looking for the answer of what is the best answer.

Some of her data could never be replaced (Pictures and movies from IRAQ) etc. She also has lots of Songs and other pics etc. as well as back ups of our kids old files and some of mine.

most of what she does isn't important, FaceBook, Itunes etc.

I"m looking for a large amount of storage i.e. 2tb as well as speed. but I think most importantly I am concerned about reliability.

I didn't know if I should go with a RAID within the computer or just a good 1 drive answer

I realize that i need to do some other type of storage, I thought about mirroring

I have looked at the following WDC drives


but im open for other suggestions

I dont' want to go crazy but I want to buy the right thing. Thanks for help in advance

just for info purposes this is what I have built her computer from:

Motherboard Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 RT
PowerSupply OCZ ModxStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W RT
CPU AMD Phenom II X3 740
Memory (8 Gig) 2 G. Skill Ripjaws F3-12800Cl9D-4GBRL
Case Thermaltake VM400M1W2Z-B RT
Fans 2 Silenx 120x38MM Fan IXP-76-184
CPU Cooler Corsair Cooling Hydro H50-1
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  1. I have read that drives larger than 1TB are still experiencing higher than "normal" failure rates. I would therefor stick to 1TB drives. RAID-1 (that's mirroring) is safest, but should not be used as a justification not to do backups. Burn all of her irreplaceable files onto DVDs, and since even they may degrade depending on how they are stored, re-do that every year or two. You'll need four drives to create a pair of RAID-1 arrays.
  2. Any disk can fail. If you want to protect your DATA a RAID1 would protect your DATA, but requires 2 2TB drives. If you want a single drive look at the WD2002FYPS it is a enterprise drive. It should and I say should be more reliable then the standard 2TB drive.

    If the data is critical a RAID1 would be the best. It doubles the cost, but if you are not concerned about price go with a RAID1.

    Even if the controller fails you can use a program like Testdisk to recover the data from a RAID.
  3. I personally have a setup where I use a Synology NAS with 2 HDD 1TB each in RAID 1 and also I have an external 1Tb USB HDD. All my data is stored on both. The NAS allows me to access it all over the house, and the extHDD is a good backup that I can recover the data from in case the NAS goes south. Unless ALL 3 disks fail simultaneously, I can't foresee a total loss-of -data scenario.I would recommend this setup if very important data needs to be safe.
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