Does this memory work with this mobo?

Hey all,

I apologize if this has been asked before, I did a quick search and found nothing on the subject. I'm kind of new to building my own PC and I wanted to know if the OCZ XMP Ready Series 6GB off of will work with the Asus p6t deluxe v2. I checked the compatibility list on Asus' website and it does not list that particular memory on the list. I was wondering if anyone knew if this particular memory would work or not with this mobo. Any help is apprecitated thanks
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    Yes, the RAM works. The only thing that you have to do is set the speed manually on the BIOS, but the RAM is supported byt the mobo. I suppouse that the mobo and RAM are this:

    ram: or are the same configuration.
  2. Yea thats the mobo and the RAM, good to hear that they are compatiable. Thanks for the quick response
  3. Ok, your welcome...and the forum is here for help us....
  4. I just had another quick question that i forgot to ask before, i'm mostly going to use the computer i'm about to build for gaming i'm trying to keep the cost low which is why i'm going with the xmp memory. Is that particular memory good for gaming? I also was looking at the ocz gold 1600mhz, but i'm not sure which one is better. I don't mind spending a little more if i'm getting better memory out of the deal. Thanks again for all the help
  5. This are good memory too:

    The originall memory is better (i mean to the OCZ XMP), the OCZ Gold is goo too, but don't have the 2 profiles that the XMP have.
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