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Hi all,
I have a slight problem that I have searched to find an answer but have been unsuccessful. If anyone can assist I would be grateful.
I have had my Windows XP running on Raid 1 for some tome quuite happily. I got an error message the other day on bootup "disk member of array has failed or is not responding" . When i go into the raid manager idt also confirms a disk status is "critical".

If I unplug each hardrive and re-start the system runs normally each time. It also runs normally with both H/Drives plugged in.

I would have thought unplugging and running each HDrive would show which one was at fault? I ran CHKDSK on each individual Ddrive with no errors.

Could it be the Raid controller? I am only using the onboard ATI Raid controller whick XP says is running OK.

Any ideas?


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  1. When one of the two units in a RAID1 array fails, the normal operation is that the RAID controller reverts to using ONLY the remaining good unit so that you can keep working with no interruption. However, you have lost the automatic mirroring function so the controller also puts out a warning message to let you know that you need to fix the problem. The fact that your system seems to continue working OK is what it's supposed to do to help you.

    Within the RAID manager it tells you more than just you have a failure - it also tells exactly WHICH of the two units has failed. This may be by specifying a mobo SATA port number, or by specifying the serial number of the HDD that has failed. If you still cannot figure it out from that, try unplugging only ONE of the two drives in your RAID array. If you leave the good one plugged in it will still work, but give an error message about one drive missing. If you leave the bad one plugged in you should get a big RAID failure.

    What the RAID Manager has done is temporarily Break the RAID array and switch to using only one HDD (the good one). You need to do several steps to repair. The FIRST step is to get the RAID Manager manual out and READ how to do all this! If you don't have one, it is probably on the CD that came with your machine or mobo, or you may have to download it from the maker's website. It will tell you exactly how to deal with one failed unit in a RAID1 array.

    In outline, you will:
    1. Buy a new HDD as closely matched as possible to the one that is still working - NEVER get one smaller. If you can only get a larger unit, realize that the extra space on it will not be usable without some work.
    2. Disconnect and remove the old faulty unit, and replace it with the new one.
    3. When you first boot up with the new unit in place, go immediately into the RAID Manager software and find the option to Rebuild the Array. Make SURE it has the old good drive with all of your data identified as the SOURCE of good data, and the new unit as the Destination that will receive a copy of your data. You do NOT want to copy an empty new unit onto your old drive!
    4. The Rebuild operation often can be done as a background task while you use the computer normally. My own preference, though, is NOT to do that. If you can afford to just let it rebuild completely with no other task going on, I prefer that.
    5. When the Rebuild operation is finished, you should be completely recovered with a health 2-unit RAID1 running again.
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