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I wanna build like a monster Machine for Core i7: Not really looking to overclock, do not wanna ruin warranty

I have:
Antec 300 Case
Intel Core i7
HP 22x DVD Burner
3x2GB (6GB) OCZ XMP DDR3 1600
Arctic Silver 5

I Need:
1. Motherboard - i wanna know what will fit the case
I was looking at
ASUS RAMPAGE EXTREME II - not sure how good it is

2. Video cards SLI or Crossfire (between $75-100 each)
3. Hard Drives (Western Digital Cavair Black 1TB)
4. Blu-ray Drive

- Jon
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  1. Hiya,

    Well, spending $380 on a motherboard and $200 on GPUs doesn't make much sense to me.

    You could do much better for yourself spending $200 on the board and $380 on the GPUs... that would be a much faster gaming machine.

    Any ATX board will fit in the case.
  2. +1 to proximon's suggestions but is there any reason why you want two separate cards running in crossfire? Why not spend the money on a more recent card like the GTX 260, 275, 285? In terms of SLI/Xfire you can look at the GTX 295 or 4870x2 if you're set on ATI.
  3. I already have a power suppy a rosewill extreme 950w (forgot to mention it). Thanks for all the help, what's the best aftermarket heatsink for the core i7.
  4. it's Rosewill so it's probably actually 750w input, with a 550w output.

    I'd replace the PSU aswell to be honest.
  5. An RX Rosewill is a cut above average for them. While I wouldn't recommend one, it not quite as bad as Helloworld makes out. Certainly doesn't need to be tossed out.

    It's considered a tier 3 PSU.... If you had a choice between the Corsair 850TX and that Rosewill, you would take the Corsair. We hate on Rosewill out of principle because they generally do sell crap PSUs. There are a few exceptions, like this one.

    There are several good aftermarket coolers for i7. Xigmatek Dark Knight is a good budget choice:
  6. i am still wondering what's better for graphic cards Nvida or ATI Radeon, both have the same ratings depending on the models.
    Ones ive been looking at

    1 - ICE-Q 4670 (i would crossfire it) (2)

    2 - XFX GTX 260 ( i would only use one)

    3 - XFX GTS 250 (i would use SLI)(2)

    it is pretty much between those 3 or the very high end ICE-Q, i really do not know which to chose
  7. The cards between ATI and Nvida are more of what your like more. I switched to ATI because Nvida doesn't do oblivion with HDR and AA and ATI does but now Nvida has cuda and the new phys-x system, but its not very hard to make ATI do PhysXs well its easier then making Nvida do HDR+AA....
    i am not a fan of cross fire they take too much wattage and are just a pain in the arse... if your not going to buy a new PSU get a single card :) the 4850 is awesome ^_^ and the 4850x2 if you want the power. I currently have the 4850x2
  8. im curious with the video cards having 2 dvi ports, do i have to use both in SLI mode? or can i use just one because i am hooking the Computer up to my TV
  9. Not sure i understand if you card has 2 DVI ports you can use them both.
    If you have 2 cards they need to be in SLI to work. you don't need to have 2 cards to have 2 displays
  10. SLI/Crossfire is achieved via a bridge that is installed inside the case. It does not use up a DVI port.

    You may be thinking of those old cards... I think it was Voodoos that got linked together that way.
  11. i knew that sli or xfire there was a bridge where u just use a primary card. my question is since im hooking it up to a TV can i use just one of the DVI ports when i have it in SLI or Xfire?
  12. Yes.
  13. is it worth buying a velicoraptor hard drive for?
  14. Everyone uses 3.0GB/s SATA 7200 RPM drives...the veloci's are good but kind of a waste. If you are a hardcore gamer, then the veloci is gold ^_^
  15. no, VRaptor's are overpriced, even the caviar blacks are in the same league as them yet they cost considerably less and hold more storage.
  16. oh ok not a hardcore gamer here ^_^ but if i want one ill buy it later on....i might be going with the new seagate 1 TB 7200.12
  17. Thats one thing about this site, you get about 5 different answers in a minute, sometimes it's because of fanboys, sometimes they're all somewhat right, and other times there are some completely misinformed comments, you just have to sort through the Internet to find reviews and which one is the truth if there is one.
  18. Ive looked up reviews, but they do not help as much as real peoples advise when building a computer
  19. is there such thing as a Dual DVI input and 1 hdmi output?

    not a switch or a splitter
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