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There are few things I need to tell (that might be off the topic) before I ask my question... I am about to build a computer with general CPU components... like
Memory (RAM)
Disk Drive / Burner

Now my question is...
Once I have built my computer I want my computer in home to be the Administrator Computer. So, I can handle all the other computers at home... Handling I mean is: If there are any updates I should be the ONLY one downloading the updates and push it through other computers in my home. I also want to be able to restrict some things through Group Policy like you have things at school. One Administrator controlling all the kids. (Please do not ask me why I want to do it at home)...

I think I might need a WSUS but it only runs on a Windows Server. If I really need it then might as well get it but I am trying to avoid any extra expenditure.

My 2 computers have Windows XP and rest of the 2 computers have Vista running. The one I am building which will be the 5th one may also have Windows Vista Ultimate 64 BIT.

What exactly do I need to do and What exactly I need more?

I hope I have not missed anything.. If I have please let me know and I will get back ASAP with more details.

If I have posted in a wrong section then please move it to the correct section.

Thank You
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  1. This is what I came up with:


    Everything is straight forward, but it is not a 5 minute process.
  2. This is not enough. I need to make it proper networking like you have in schools. So, I can have control over full network.
    I can make groups and push it through entire network so people who are in a certain usergroup they have different abilities then others... etc etc... I can put through Group Policies, I can push through latest updates .. etc..
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