ASUS Striker II Extreme

The ASUS Striker II Extreme is absolutely the best OCing M/B I have ever owned, this is a true overclockers board, the available BIOS settings for this board are an overclockers dream, I kid you not.

So many times we bash the bad but don't commend the good in various products, but the Striker II Extreme is one exceptional product release from ASUS.

This is not a novice M/B though, its got features the best will have to study up on, but its worth every penny. Ryan
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  1. Well heck, post some url's for this bad puppy! I'm used to having to look em up at the Asus site myself - and I hate that cause you can't www.asus -it cause it's http://usa.asus, etc...

    OK, did it myself. Not really a new board - looks like releases at the beginning of 2008. Intel 2-Duo and Quad Core...

    Dang, not really giving it away. The AMD prices spoil me. About $250

    Was just remembering something I heard about one of the fellows that created the Internet was interviewed and he said the whole // part of http:// was pointless and he really regretted ever coming up with it.
  2. Quote:
    Dang, not really giving it away. The AMD prices spoil me. About $250

    I bought this M/BD Sept. last year and gave $440.00 @ Newegg for it!

    As 4ryan6 says, its the best dang OC'n M/BD I EVER owned. :)

    Haven't regretted it at all.
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