Is it worth it to buy a new motherboard?

Currently, I have a older motherboard that accepts only the 65 nm cpu, which I was going to buy the e2200 for 60 bucks. However, I notice that the newer and faster cpu (e5200) for the same price. A good budget board is I was looking at was the ga-g31m-es2l, but it costs about 50 bucks.

My question is, is the 50 bucks for a newer motherboard worth it for me to get the e5200 over e2200?
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  1. What motherboard do you have now? That Gigabyte you listed could do a better job than what you have. And it may even be a big upgrade, as it can handle the quads as well.

    *Edit* or an even better buy is this:
    $50 Open Box ASUS P5QPL-VM
  2. i have this

    How is the overclock ability that asus p5qpl-vm? Does it have a fsb:ram ratio of 1:1 because I know the g31m-es2l only have 2.66 ratio.
  3. get a newer board that supports 45nm, 45nm= higher clocks and cooler chips
  4. habitat87 said:
    As far as the comparison between the e2200 and the e5200, the e5200 is going to run circles around it all day and everyday and in everyway. LOL!.

    LOL. :kaola:
  5. habitat87 which mobo are are you using to get to that high? and what hsf you recommanded?
  6. I see, thanks for the information. What kind of memory are you using? Because my friend had the es2l and he tried to overclock the e5200 but the lowest fsb:ram ratio is 2.66, which whenever the cpu is overclock, the ram is also overclock by multiplier. What are the setting you are using for your s2l? any help would be very helpful. thanks for the information.
  7. For about $12 more, the e6300 is a better value than the e5200. It'll give you a 1333 FSB easily while the e5200 will struggle to reach that speed.
  8. habitat87 said:
    Yes, but if your able to reach that fsb which is possible with the new e5200 stepping that's way higher then the e6300 can overclock at those fsb speeds. Is that a joke? Yeah... beyond 4.1 ghz is pretty much a struggle for the e5200 I agree, what's your point? And this is using a sub $50 mobo as well. You can't beat this combo overall, there's no way, I've researched a lot before deciding to get this setup.

    It's not a better value at all... I've had an e5200 at 4.3 ghz with the old stepping at boot. Not stable, but it made me laugh how responsive the system was.

    The e5200 doesn't have a 12.5 multiplier for no reason...

    I realize there is a new stepping for the e6300 which runs at about 2.8 ghz at stock, but the e5200 has a new stepping that can overclock to 4.0 ghz easily with a mild voltage change. It's really a toss up I guess, but I'd go with the more reliable proven e5200.

    Read the reviews, the e5200 is proven to get a higher and more reliable overclock then the e6300.

    How about this review? 1600 MHz FSB and stable enough for all benchmark tests! The review says the e6300 is best bang for the buck.
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