Upgraded RAM, now won't boot!

Hi all,

I'm going to try to get as specific as possible for you. I'm no computer wiz so please be gentle.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, VGN-AR630OE.
Originally installed RAM is 2GB, 2X 1GB, DDR2, PC2 5300. My specs say I can upgrade to 4GB.

Running Vista Home Premium 32bit.
North Bridge Intel Crestline-PM PM965
Supported Memory Types DDR2-533 SDRAM, DDR2-667 SDRAM
Maximum Memory Amount 4 GB
Memory Slots
DRAM Slot #1 1 GB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
DRAM Slot #2 1 GB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)

BIOS Version R105038

Don't know if you need more info then that.

I bought 4GB, 2X DDR2 PC2-5300, 667 MHz of Kingston RAM.
667MHz (5300), 533MHZ (PC2-4200), 400MHZ (PC2-3200)

I removed my old RAM, installed the new RAM, made sure it was seated properly and when I clsed up and started it up my operating system won't start. Nothing at all. No beeps, no errors...nada!

I reinstalled my 2GB and starts up fine.

I don't really know about updating the BIOS. I did search the intel site but seem to not get a real answer, or one that I understand. Do I have to go in the BIOS and change something???

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  1. No. You need to contact sony for memory recommendations. And you got so-dimm sticks, correct? They are a different pin count from desktop memory.
  2. Well, this is laptop memory. Fits in perfectly. Was recommended by the Geek Squad guy. They are DIMM.

    DDR2, just like my old ones except 2GB per stick.
  3. In a regular motherboard manual, they give you possible memory configurations for each slot. If it doesn't work, no bios update will help. Never saw one that addressed this situation.
  4. I'm at a loss. Was on tech support with Sony and they don't know, of course, checked compatibility with Kinston for my laptop model and it is. Yet I can't get laptop to boot. Never hit's the sony start up logo. I don't get any beeps, nothing. Arrrgggg!
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