Samsung Spinpoint F3 unusual muffled clicking/ticking noise

Just bought my new Spinpoint F3 because I have seen a lot of positive reviews on it. It started fine with that signature WHOOOOPPP noise, then the slight humming like many people experience. But when I try to copy some files over from my old Seagate, unusual quiet clicking/ticking noise appeared. I am quite worried that I have bought a faulty unit. Is this actually normal for the F3 to do this or should I go back to Umart and exchange it for another one since it's really new?
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  1. Mine makes a similar muffled sound when working some times. I have spoken to Samsung about it and they say what I am describing is normal. If the sound changes or gets louder I would then look to replace the drive. If you want to check it out and it is not a lot of trouble go ahead and get a new one and then you will be able to compare.
  2. I also recently did a new machine build and I get muffled read/write sounds with the F3 during regular use. Interestingly, when I run the ESTOOL utility the sound is replicated during the "Random Surface Scan" step but the drive is perfectly quiet during the "Read Surface Scan" step. Is this common, does anyone know? If the drive isn't being accessed it doesn't make the noise whatsoever; it's only during read/write.
  3. Those faint clicking noises are generated by the read/write head jumping "randomly" between the disks. I would say they're normal and would not worry about them if the HDD tests come back fine.
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