Variable speeds on Core2Duo in notebook?

Hello -

I am noticing that my laptop speeds are varying on the T5600 Core2Duo chip (using the Intel Processor ID Utility). It normally is correct at 1.83gHz -- but, then I was noticing it at .99 -- then .83 -- dropping all the way to .57 ?? Is this appropriate? This laptop has been "off" for almost a year after the original hard drive fried and I replaced it finally. I notice the CPU heat has gone all the way to 180°F. But, I noticed this morning that at just starting up and the processor at barely 130°F it was only at .99gHz?

Is my processor ruined? Or, is this by design?

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  1. running that hot??

    download real temp and see, and if it is a hell of a lot less, then its just ur cpu throttling it self to make less heat and use less power (normal)

    if it still says 180 F, wtf do you have a live grenade on ur hands?
  2. speedstep. google it. Or possibly thermal throttling. The high temps are probably due to dust build up. Clean it.
  3. Wow!
    Thanks for the swift replies!

    Maybe it is SpeedStep® -- whew! Yes, it is running very hot. It is a Dell Inspiron 6400. I will open it up and see if the fan is dust clogged when I get some forced air over the weekend (and a cooler pad too maybe).

    Thanks again guys!
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