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There are so many things happening to out technology market nowadays so that sometimes we cant even follow then. I want to bring truth and peace to you, forum members.

We will start with a true Gpu review, as usual. I doubt that anyone from you heard about numeric theory which actually explains everything.

Now look clother.
Let's compare 2 modern GPu processors from rival companies - ATI and NVIDIA.

The top of the line 4890 and gtx285

Both are single gpu cars and both perform well, but whos power iindex is higher?

Okay, lets start with ATI: 4890 and it's power index.

4+8+9+0= 4 + 17 +0 = 21. A relatively high power index.

Now lets see what nvidia offers us.

2+8+5 = 10 +5 = 15 <--- why does Nvidia perform so well then?

the answer is simple --> because of the X which nvidia added to the name of their card.

Otherwise, how could 15 be stronger than 21.

Now if we take gtx 275 ---> it is 14 comparable to 4890.

which means that nvidias X14 ~ ATIS 21.

Now lets find similarities somwhere. And the closest thing i can come up with is - CARs! It's like a turbo engine, which is much more pwoerfull compared to its atmo counterpart!
Nvidia, as we can see, can gain such high result with relatively low power index.

But power index is not the onliest thing which matters. From what we can observe... there were cards with a frikin HUGE power index. Let's take 7950gt, for instance.
It's power index is 7+9+5+0 = 21. But no way it can be compared with 4890.

Which means that:

Whether everything that was told to us was a lie and 7950gt is as powerful as 4890, whether there is something with the technology of power indexing.
Oh yes there is.

I can take the same example for you - cars.

let's compare a 2.0 litre engines of let's say 1999 and 2008.
They have the same power index but what we see ? a 10 to even 40% output increase!

I know that you would like more truth to be revealed so stay tuned for the next session!

Best Regards

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  1. Put down the crack pipe and step away from the keyboard.
  2. Hahaha....I remember this. Several years ago somebody did a thread exactly like this, though I can't even remember the GPUs being used. I want to say it was the geforce fx series and the radeon x800. I dunno, I can't remember, it's been too long >.>
  3. Actually It was the launch time of 8800gtx.

    everyone was concerned why it was better than 7950gt
  4. Oh was it? Wow, how on earth did I mess up the time frame that badly :pt1cable:

    Either way, thanks for the laugh, I had forgotten about this =)
  5. yeye there was such a thread. It was still an incomplete theory posted by our research bureau though.
  6. dunno but whenever you look at benchmarks ATI cards seem to perform better at higher quality and nvidia cards perform better at standard quality...weird...
  7. Mousemonkey said:
    Put down the crack pipe and step away from the keyboard.

  8. Oh god....not this again. I could have swore this guy was banned like 6 months ago. He was posting this same number crunching bogus "math" in the CPU every single thread. Just like hes doing right now in this forum.
  9. yep, I remember this also, it is worth a good laugh, but at the same time, it is still UNORIGINAL.
  10. Annisman said:
    yep, I remember this also, it is worth a good laugh, but at the same time, it is still UNORIGINAL.

    Stop laughing at our theories. Our research bureau is working hard only to present themhere and help you.
  11. I used to be into keeping up with the latest developments in GPU's. Since the companies have started renaming old cards that have recieved minimal upgrades, and hiding the fact that they're just recycling old cards, I've become sickened. I don't even know whats what anymore.

    I'll just wait until I'm ready to buy a new card, and wade through the filth and lies one time, and hopefully end up with a NEW card.
  12. Oh god not this again!
  13. invisik said:
    Oh god not this again!

    Whats wrong?
  14. Christopher11 said:
    Whats wrong?

    Nothing now.
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