Quick Question About Modding (painting) a Case

I'm getting a HAF 932 and am thinking about painting the inside black to match (it's currently grey).
Would painting the case black actually make the temps go up? since black attracts heat?

Anyways, back on topic
I've read on newegg that a guy used heat resistant grill spray paint, and a bunch of just plain ol' "spray paint".
What would you suggest using?

Thanks! ;)

I'm also looking for a surge protector... how Joules of "AC Suppression Joule Rating" is considered safe for the US
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  1. I doubt enough light and heat energy is getting into that case to make a difference in temps if you painted it black inside.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but black doesn't actually "attract" heat. This is a misconception since black just absorbs the widest range of wavelengths of visible light, so it absorbs the most energy, thus making things hotter.

    So unless your computer is somehow emitting a ton of visible light, I really don't think painting the case black will be any issue.
  3. Black is used in military applications for Stealth... especially in ABSORBING radar waves and confusing SAM sites.

    Ok admittedly its a special type of paint, but its black and helps to reduce the heat signature too.

    If only it was available for car use... damn pesky GATSO's
  4. wat he said^
  5. If painting inside a case black woud increase heat, I don't think that Antec would paint inside their 1200 case that colour.

    So go ahead and paint your case what ever colour you want, heat should not be the reason why you don't do it.
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