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i have an i7 870 and a gigabyte ud3 motherboard. i am wanting to overclock. how much could i be able to overclock? thanks a lot
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  1. well i depends greatly on your specific cpu and the cooling that you have attached to it......are you using the stock cooler? do you have a good case with alot of airflow? do you have a solid psu? like i said it mostly depends on the cooling you have
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    Overclocking is never guaranteed. If its your first time, follow some tutorials and good luck. Not sure on the cooling, like drums101 said this is all important. Based on your mobo and CPU tho you should be able to get high 3's - 4.

    But DONT quote me on that!! Go careful, increasing your BCLK by small increments until unstable, then do the same with the volts (Vcore and VTT most important). Never go above 1.4v with either.

    What mem do you have also that can have a controlling factor on how high you can push your CPU.
  3. thanks for the replies. im going to be using a v8 coolermaster cooler or the corsair hydro liquid cooler in an HAF-X case
  4. Good case choice (load tho), high airflow is exactly what you want.

    What mem you using? Just out of interest really. As long as you have 1600MHz it wont hold you back. I would certainly suggest that over the 1333MHz which may limit you highest BCLK.
  5. i am using 1333 but it is corsair dominator 2x2 (4gb total)
  6. will be fine, ignore my previous comment as you can always knock the mem multiplier down. gl
  7. thanks i appreciate the replies. dont worry after your repsonses, i "respect your authoritay"
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