Can i use 1x2GB DDR pc2-6400 with 1x1GB DDR pc2-5300

i have HP NC6320 (XP 32bit) laptop that has 2 slots with 2x1GB DDR PC2-5300 memory sticks. I have a separate 2GB PC2-6400 stick that i would like to use. Can i use the 2GB 6400 and a 1GB 5300 together? I assume this would be ok but will just run at 5300 speed (667)? Is this correct assumption?
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  1. Theoretically yes, on a desktop you would want the slower chip first or set bios manually to the lower setting of 5300. If you have a bios setting for ram speed would recommend you set at 5300. Then try it shouldn't hurt anything. If it only comes up as 2 gigs try reversing the chips position in the slots. Lastly !! check the manual.
  2. thanks! no further replies needed
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