Will not boot

As the name implies. My computer will not boot.

no video at all. about 1 sec after power on I get constant rapid nonstop beeping for ~5 secs, it stops for maybe two seconds, and then continues until I power down.

I have attempted this with no keyboard or mouse connected and no change.

all fans still run. I've double checked wire connections and find no faults... worked last time I booted maybe 1 year ago.

I am at a total loss. The computer is self built with little change since I put it together 5 years ago. only new HDs and a gfx card but I can confirm that it worked swell after the swaps. I've been thinking I may need to take it all apart and put it back together but that's too involved, not enough time for something like that..
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  1. You should wait till you have time and want to get involved
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