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recently just put a new 5600 dual core proc and a 5570 ati radeon card into my dell c521. starting to see that i really dont have alot of room for loading the games i was going to load. i was wondering what is the biggest upgrade of hard drive i can do, what kind of hard drive would i need and also will windows 7 with the new hard drive run on my computer with out any problems?
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  1. Your PC has an SATA drive. You can replace it with any SATA drive you want.
    Yes, Windows 7 can be installed on your PC.
    What do you have on your drive that is taking up so much room? Do you have lots of temp files or something taking up space? I think you have a 320 gig drive, and while that is small by todays standards, unless you are keeping a lot of images, music, or video on the drive, there should be enough space to install a few games.
  2. i do not have the 320 gig sorry for not saying before i got the old stock 80 gb hard drive that came with the tower so as you can see its really not the best hard drive. any suggestions on what brand of hard drive how how big of a hard drive i can go?
  3. The Samsung Spinpoint F3 has been the best "bang for your buck" drive for a while now. The 1TB model has been on sale in the $60 range and barely more than the 500GB version at ~$50. Both are of the newer 500GB platter design and both are very fast and reliable.

    Cheapest here and free shipping.


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