I have just upgraded my system with ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 with 1 GB DDR2 Kingston and SATA HDD WD 320 GB. My board does'nt recognize the old hdd with IDE. It only takes the SATA HDD. And the board gets very hot within minutes of switching on and gives me the BSOD screen.. i going into nuts please help.. sir.. This has happened not only in one MBD, i checked 4 MBD of the same specification. HELP HELP HELP
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  1. Bsod's can also be caused by faulty memory. Try using memtest and see if it passes. For the ide drive, try checking the jumper and set it to the "slave" setting. Sata drives usually have no jumpers. I also use the hardrive software to set up a new drive as slave or master. The software can also be used to make a drive to drive exact copy.
  2. If it's getting very hot, your heatsink is not making proper contact.
    Remove it and reapply thermal paste.
  3. You probably need to install the chipset drivers to make the IDE drive work.
  4. A little difficult from your description so a question, what board gets hot? If you mean the Ide board that usually identifies cable on backwards. Pin 1 is where the stripe on the cable must go. Not all cables have a block out pin, if we're on the right track the Ide drive board will show pin one with a square outline around the physical pin. Normally pin one on the harddrive is closest to the 4 pin power connector but there are a few exceptions. Don't hook up the new sata until you finish a determination on the previous working drive (ide). And be sure to follow o1die's advise about master slave settings.
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