Which component is faulty?

Hey guys I built a new system about 5 days ago on some used hardware and some new stuff. I got a bunch of (non random) BSOD's when I tried to reformat my hardrive or try to reinstall windows XP. I went into the BIOS and reloaded failsafe defaults and thought I had fixed the problem when all of a sudden when windows was installing certain files to my hardrive it would give me errors with messages like "an error has occured when trying to install <insert file name here>. press enter to try again and press ESC to skip this file." I got that error with about 50 different file names and had to skip every single of of them. After it was done installing the files that DID work I got a BSOD with the error message "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA". I thought it was either my memory or my hardrive causing the problem and since I had formatted my hardrive there was no OS on it so it would be difficult to run any tests on the hardware.

My cousin told me about a free software called ultimatebootcd which had a lot of diagnostic tools on it and didn't require an OS so I downloaded it and burned the .ISO file to a CD and booted from that. I ran Memtest86+ on it for over 15 hours without a single error so I don't think my memory is the problem, but could my RAM still be bad even though it passed memtest?

Right now I am running a hardrive diagnostic to test the HDD but is there any chance it could be the DVD burner or the windows installation disk causing the problem? Unfortunately I don't have any spare hardrives to try installing windows on but ill probably run out to microcenter and pick up a cheap $40 HDD to use.

My new hardware:
Intel C2Q Q9400 @ 2.66 GHz
OCZ 4GB DDR2-800 ram
Gigabyte EP43-UD3L motherboard
Antec nine hundred case

My used hardware from my last build:
Western Digital SATA 320GB HDD w/ 16mb cache
Corsair TX750w PSU
XFX 8800GT alpha dog
Lite-On DVD/CD burner

OS: Win XP home edition SP2 32-bit
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  1. Try another DVD/CD drive and if that doesn't work, get a new installation CD.
  2. My theory would be the same. Saounds like the DVD drive is toast.
  3. Yeah now that I think of it, every single BSOD I got happened when I was trying to load a disc or boot off of one.

    I tried installing vista x64 and I got a BSOD so it wasnt the xp installation CD that was causing problems.

    Now I am pretty sure its my CD drive.
  4. If the above dose not work then get the WD diags and Zero the HDD,you only have to use the quick test which does the first and last million sectors,better safe than sorry..:)
  5. I already did the WD quick and full test and did a full reformat after that. Also memtest86+. Both gave 0 errors.

    Is there any chance that the WD test could have given me the wrong results?
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