Secondary HD causing freeze

I've just installed a 2TB Samsung HD204UI and am slowly moving my data to it. However, once in a while when I try to access my files on it (mostly movies and comics), my entire Windows 7 freezes for 2 seconds, then returns to normal. It gets a little annoying sometimes. Recently, it's been happening even when I don't directly open a file on it.

Was wondering if there's anything I should be worried about, and if there's any way to fix this.

My machine specs:
Intel i5 2.67GHz
Windows 7 64-bit
Primary HD: Samsung HD502HJ ATA
Secondary HD: Samsung HD204UI ATA

Thanks in advance. =)
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  1. You could try first to make sure the drive is OK. For that, run
    chkdsk x: /f/r,
    where x is that drive's letter. It will take a while. Then, run a clean-up and a defrag on it.
  2. I found the solution. If anyone else is having this problem, it might be that your power options are set so that your hard drive powers down when not in use after a while. I set it to never power down and everything's fine now. Haven't had a freeze yet after two days. =D

    Thanks for giving this a look house 70. =]
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    Good one. In fact, I always set my HDDs to never power down, so I guess I overlooked that option; I also tend to run diagnostics first when something goes wrong, but only because I know I have already set the power options a while ago. Thanks for sharing the solution with us. Glad it worked out.
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