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Hi all
I have Intel D945gcpe desktop with Intel 82945g express chipset family.
According to Intel 945g chipsets have pci e x16 slot.But in my motherboard there is no pci e slot.Can I install a pci e x16 slot manually because my chipset supports it?
Please help a newbie
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  1. Which system is this MB in? You may be mistaken.
    But then again you may be right, I have come across prebuilt systems where the motherboards were missing PCI-E or AGP slots.
    If there is no slot, there is no way to connect the card and no way to install a connector, even if you could find one.
  2. It is core 2 duo 2.2ghz ,windows xp
  3. OK my system has stopped playing silly bu**ers and I've been able to look that MB up at last.
    It has no PCI-E slot.
    It is impossible to install one.
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