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What do i want for christmas?

so, i'd like an SSD for xmas but i dont know which one. theres a crazy multitude of choices.
its gonna be used for OS and a few games, so i was thinking maybe 60-80gb?
price limit: $175ish, willing to bend a bit if its worth it.

ideas? i only buy from newegg, fyi. ideas please!
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  1. OCZ Vertex 2 60GB, or OCZ Agility 2 60GB.

    Check out MicroCenter or Newegg.
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    Crucial C300, GSkill Phoenix Pro or OCZ Vertex 2 are all close to equal with the C300 being just a bit the fastest. I would spend the extra $$ on a 120GB model. Mine has Windows, Office and other programs and the games I am playing now and I only have about 25GB free.
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  4. hey um, one last thing.. will an SSD even work on winXP SP4 32bit?
  5. It will but you will not have support for TRIM, and you will need to manually align the partitions to account for the different geometry to HDDs (or partition it using a Vista/Win 7 install disc).
  6. ya too bad that Crucial C300 has about the slowest write speed of any SSD I have ever seen.
  7. It's worth noting that a C300 without TRIM is a bad idea too. Most SSDs don't need it because they are capable of restoring performance slowly when idle, but the C300 is very poor at this. I would not use a C300 on anything but Windows 7 or Linux (and OSX if it supports TRIM).
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