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Hi all

I have an Nvidia EVGA GTX 260 (216) graphics card and I have tried to update the drivers to the latest 185.85. My problem is that they dont seem to want to install. As the drivers are installing the screen flashes to a large resolution then goes black and there then there appears to be no signal to the monitor. The only way to continue is to do a system restore back to the older drivers. I have downloaded this driver from different sources all with the same result, blank screen followed by system restore.

Any idea anyone??

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi

    Sometimes you have to totally remove the old driver's to get the new driver's to install. This is not always the case but it does happen. Try this, install Driver Cleaner (freeware version). Uninstall the nVidia driver's and PhysicsX, boot into safe mode. Run Driver Cleaner in safe mode, choose "nVidia", "nVidia Control Panel", and "PhysicX" (not sure if this option is available in the free version). After cleaning empty your recycle bin, boot back into normal windows and install the new driver's. Other thoughts. If you are running Perfect Disk, uninstall it before installing new driver's. I had problems with these drivers as well, there is some type of conflict with PD and the new nVidia driver's. You can re-install PD after installing nVidia driver's, open PD/Product Resources/Support. Click Start to resolve compatibility issues.

  2. Ok thanks will give that a try, and thanks for the link too
  3. Ok so here is where I am at now......I have un-installed all the drivers, as suggested, with no luck. I then formatted my hard drive, re-installed Vista 32bit with internet support, downloaded the 185.85 driver and installed it. Same result escept this time I got the "Windows has recovered from a major error" and it pointed to the 185.85 driver downloaded from Nvidia. To be honest I am now at a total loss. Is it really necessary to have this driver? Am I missing something by not having it?

    Many thanks
  4. Don't feel like you're alone with these new driver's, fortunately I was able to find which application the driver's were conflicting with and work around it. After installing the driver's and rebooting it would hang at the boot screen. After a reset Windows would load normally. After running a Boot Time defrag with PD it would hang at the same screen only a reset wouldn't save it, have to repair Windows to get back to the desktop. If I may make a suggestion, try Windows 7. The OS is very stable and at this point you don't have to pay for it. My X-fi sat on the shelf for 2 years due to compatibility problem's with Vista (nVidia Chipset) and now its working just fine again with Windows 7. The current RC build is 7127, good luck.
  5. Ok, but where can I download Windows 7? Thanks
  6. Send an email to my disposable email address and I'll supply you with everything you need to get up and running with Windows 7. I don't want to get into trouble here at Tom's for posting links.

    Subject: gonesy from Tom's
    email: ram5sta-e1@yahoo.com
  7. gonesy said:
    Ok, but where can I download Windows 7? Thanks

    Try the Microsoft website.
  8. Ya, but Microsoft's not going to give him the the watermark remover amongst other things I can't post at Tom's.
  9. I do not see a request for a watermark remover in any of the OP's posts, what are you drinking?, and can I have some?
  10. Only a retard would want the watermark on his desktop. You're just wasting time with these amateur responses, don't you have anything better to do like actually helping someone or is the best you can do.
  11. If my posting is annoying you, then I shall carry on.
  12. I'm actually enjoying it mousemonkey, if anyone has a since of humor it's me. How can anyone take you serious with an aviator like that.
  13. Life is far too short to be taken seriously, and as for my avatar I don't know what you mean, it's the same photo that's in my passport. :lol:
  14. I wasn't putting you're aviator down man I think it's cool. Take care mousemonkey, you're alright with me dude.
  15. Peace out dude.
  16. @ staram5

    Thanks for the advice, have downloaded and am running Windows 7 with the latest drivers and it all works a treat!
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