What is the best AMD 3 socket motherbaord

I was just wondering what the best motherboard for AMD socket 3 is i am looking for one that allows crossfire and as much RAM space as possible. i have only just started to look at AMD so any pointers as to what to buy would be great i am thinking of putting a pII 810 and a HD4870 in the computer with a 600watt power supply.
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  1. Yeah i meat AM3 soz wat is the next step down from true 16x/16x crossfire, but how much more is the true crossfire and what about the 770X or 770X don't they have crossfire too?
  2. The best so far announced is the Asus Crosshair IV Extreme --which will be the first high performance board for AMD. Problem is that although it was expected to be out in June, it still isn't out yet. That suggests to me that it might not be out until the end of next month, but if that's the case, I intend to wait, unless Gigabyte also announces a high performance board--comparable to their best P55 Intel boards--in which case I would go with the Gigabyte board.
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