My cd rom lost its driver

I have a windows XP computer with a CD ROM. It has no writing or burning capabilities, it just plays music cd's and downloads games and programs.

My problem is that the computer needed repair, but when I got it back, the CD ROM no longer worked or was able to read CD's.

I have tried all of the available repair and free driver download options, but nothing helps.

In the control panel, it was designated as "removeable disc :/E", but it has dissappeared altogether. I have tried to download driver updates but to no avail. I am at my wits end. I am unemployed and disabled so buying one either in a store or off the internet is not an option.

Can anyone help me please?
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  1. It sounds like the repair shop reloaded Windows but not the CD burning software. I would take it back and have them install it!
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