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Lately my computer was randomly getting the BSOD, and I decided to give it a run through MemTest. I did, and as soon as MemTest starts, after about 30 seconds the computer restarts automatically (not show errors in MemTest).

I have 2 sticks of 2 GB DDR3 ram, and so I decided to try them out one-by-one. However, each stick on its own always passes memtest without any problems, its both sticks together that dont. ANy idea why this might be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Quote:
    is your memory set to the dimm's recommended voltage?


    Symptoms like yours are often caused by incorrect RAM settings in the BIOS. Which exact RAM do you have? You should manually set the speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS and try Memtest86+ again.
  2. The RAM is rated as 1333Mhz, 9-9-9-24, and 1.7V. I've tried setting it manually in the bios, but still the same. It's MemTest86+, not the Windows version. The strange thing is that MemTest will only run for a few seconds, and automatically reboot. When I had bad ram, it usually got errors in red, and not reboot. Could it be that it is not the RAM that is the problem, but some problems with the motherboard itself? I've tried the RAMs on different RAM slots, but it didn't make any difference.
  3. Sounds like faulty RAM to me. Faulty RAM is a very common cause of BSOD's.
  4. Yes I think that there is a good chance that it is faulty RAM, however usually when it is faulty RAM I can check it out with MemTest and get errors on it. I've also noticed that most of the times, it does not give a BSOD, but it just hangs. I've also tried stress testing the PC with Orthos and it passed a CPU stress test for 9 hours, with both sticks of RAM attached. I've tried yest with both RAMs, and performing the blend stress test and it hanged after about 3 hours. I'm trying each stick on its own now. I'm finding it very strange that Memtest reboots the PC, and not gives out errors, ever came up with such a situation?
  5. Yes, I have an old computer with a dying stick of RAM. Memtest86+ causes the system to reboot before I see any errors. I guess it's possible that it's the PSU or motherboard, but I've found faulty RAM to be the first suspect in problems like yours. What are your complete system specs? Are you using a cheap PSU?
  6. These are the complete specs:

    Asus P5KE
    Intel Core2Quad Q9550
    Generic PSU, rated 450W
    2x 2GB DDR3 Corsair TwinX 1333 9-9-9-4 RAM
    Geforce 8400GS
    2x 250GB hard disks
    1x 500GB hard disk

    What I am finding strange is that MemTest is passing successfully on each memory stick alone, and each stick is passing several hours of stress testing as well. It is only when I put them together that MemTest will reboot after a few seconds.
  7. All bets are off when you use a POS generic PSU in your system. You certainly can't expect a stable system without clean power.
  8. But this was working fine for about 1 1/2 years, and I have another Q6600 system running on the same type of PSU and it's working perfect.

    The problem is locally in Malta almost all computer shops stock up with these generic PSUs. I've just checked and it's either a Spire or EZ-Cool PSU, not exactly generic. Any idea about those brands?
  9. Yes, I would consider those brands generic.

    You said you tried manually setting the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the BIOS. Did you also try running Memtest86+ with both sticks and the manual settings? Memtest86+ is good for finding faulty RAM, but not so good at detecting incorrect RAM settings. I've seen RAM that was not getting enough voltage pass Memtest but BSOD during normal usage. In that case, upping the RAM voltage fixed the problem.
  10. What brands would you suggest?

    Local brands I can find are Xilence 500W, Spire450W, EZ-Coo 500Wl, CIT 450W, WinPower 450W, OCZ 400W
  11. Wow, I wouldn't buy any of those brands except for OCZ. I would need to know more about that particular OCZ PSU, though since the low end OCZ PSU's are crap also. So you don't have access to anything from Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, or Seasonic?
  12. This is the full title of the OCZ:

    OCZ 400W Power Supply Fatality

    Would you suggest going for that?
  13. Yes, the OCZ Fatal1ty would be a decent PSU. It has active PFC and decent output on the 12v rail. It's certainly better than the listed alternatives.
  14. I just bought the PSU. I'll replace it, and see if it makes any difference. I won't be upgrading to a gaming GPU for sure, its a work development machine, not a gaming one so the graphics is there only for 2D and dual-monitor setup, so as long as it is still working the GPU will stay as it is :)
  15. just tried MemTest again, still the same problem - automatically rebooting after a few seconds of running :/
  16. well I don't think thats an answer as DDR3 is surely meant to work. It was working fine for quite a long time, so there is surely something wrong. I am assuming it's the RAM sticks themselves that are at fault. I don't have any other motherboard that takes DDR3 to try them on it and conclude if its them or anything else.

    The sticks have got lifetime warranty, but if they're bad I need to prove they're bad, and I'm not sure the local PC store will replace them just coz they reboot instantly on MemTest :/
  17. One guy mentioned to me that on a similar thread he had posted here on these forums, someone mentioned that MemTest86+ had problems dealing with 4GB of RAM. I've just downloaded the latest version of MemTest86+ (v4.00), released quite recently, and it is now passing successfully MemTest, with BOTH sticks of RAM installed. So I presume I can exclude RAM from being the problem? Any idea what else could be the problem? Could it be a hard disk, CPU or motherboard issue?
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