Is my Hard Drive Bad??

I have just gotten back to my computer after attending Basic Training, and when I turn it on it says "Please reboot and select proper boot device." When I go into the Bios, only one of my 2 hard drives, my extra drive, shows up, but only if my master drive is not plugged in. Not sure if it is the hard drive, or the motherboard? I noticed too that when I plug in the ethernet cable, the little light that comes on to signify there is an active cable plugged in does not come on, but I know that the cable is hot. PLEASE help. I am only on leave for 18 days and dont want to spend it all trying to fix this problem.

Asus Maximus Formula
2 Seagate Barraccuda 7200.11 500GB
Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
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  1. A little more info: I had left my computer at my friends house and he had used it a few times, and said that he just turned it on one day and the message about reboot came up. He said there were now problems or indications of a problem prior to that.
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