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How to get higher O.C.

It seems that i am maxed out in terms of the CPU Multiplier.I have reached 3.9ghz with 19.5 for the multiplier and vcore at 1.425.Which isn't much at all,i thought i was going to have to crank up the voltage a lot more to get where i'm at after i read a couple reviews for my prossesor.So my question is does anyone know how i might be able to fine tune or get any more out of my prossesor.My goal was to hit 4.0ghz but i fell just short.I've tryed playing with the HT Link just to get another 100mhz but it wont hold.Just to unstable.Any help or comments would be helpful.

Phenom ii x4 965BE @3.9ghz/1.425volt
4G DDR31600mhz currently at 1333mhz because of mobo.
Seasonic 520watt
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  1. Hi.

    HT don't give you much performance, but NB is a different thing. Some 965 can hit the 4GHz or 4.2GHz with good settings and cooling.

    Start to rise the NB frequency and you will see some performance changes.
  2. How would i go about doing that?(detail)
    I am still fairly new to this sort of stuff.
    I'm a lil iffy about anything having to do with the NB.I've tryed raising the voltage and speed of it before but it wouldn't even boot.Had to reset it.Redoing all of that is a pain thats why i try to stay away from it.
  3. Go to your BIOS and star to rise the NB Frequency option, keep in mind tyhat with a Deneb core you can go until 2600MHz maybe 2700MHz but no over that.

    If you need rise the voltage for get it stable, your need change the CPU-NB voltage options, the NB should be on "Auto"
  4. What will increasing the NB freq do or enable me to do?Will it allow me to keep raising the CPU multiplier?Will i have to change any of the settings on for the RAM?
  5. Run your RAM to 1600....
  6. For some reason i can't i fnd a stable setting.I've tryed but it just won't do it.I think it's the mobo.It's not rated at 1600 by default.It can only be obatined thru and O.C.The dummies at cyberpower put in 1600mhz instead of 1333mhz.Or they configured the mobo wrong.I'm not even sure if thats correct or not.I just know that i've tryed a lot of different timings and none of them seem to work.

    Look here:

    I'm guessing those are all the frequncies my RAM supports.I've tryed the 1600mhz settings but it won't go.Do i have to adjust the RAM in order to increase the NB?
  7. What voltage and frequency are you using for NB? Leave the RAM in auto for now.
  8. NB volt and freq are at default.I haven't tryed anything yet.
  9. So, Why you say that isn't stable?
  10. What do you mean?
    Since my RAM in Underclocked does it abosultelty need to run at 1600 to O.C. the NB?
    I assume the NB O.C. is so you can O.C. the CPU Multiplier more?

    I can agree with the NB but it's the RAM timings that creates a huge pain in my ass.
  11. I've been able to get to 3.9ghz so far without altering any othe settings beisdes the CPU multiplier and core voltage.But it seems like i can't get any furuther without messing with the mobo itself.Mob itself+NB or RAM.I know i can tweak the HT Link to where i can go but the RAM Timings just screw me up.I'm only at 1.425 Above the stock i bleive i have so much more to obtain but it's all because of this stupied RAM.
  12. Your RAM should run at 1600 with CL9, at this moment you are running 1333 with CL9, so, you are losing performance.

    Go to the BIOS and set all the specifications of your RAM manually.
  13. What is CL9?

    I toald you i have tryed setting all the settings manually for it and it doesn't want to.I ran Prime95 for 10mins yesterday at the regulated speed/volt and it didn't work.
  14. CL is Cas Latency and in easy words are the internal specs of the RAM, those number are the time that takes the IMC in ask for info and RAM to reply with that info.

    Are you mean that at stock speed prime95 doesn't run?
  15. Let me try to make this understandable..i've run the settings i've found for the 1600mhz in the SPD which is what i is reccomended for the settings.But my mobo decides to keep it is at 1333 even tho it's 1600 "rated" buy it desn't hold.I run Prime95 test with lots of ram tested and it fails afterd 10mins so i think it' something to do with minor things.

    I'm counting the days for the new AMD Bulldozers series toget here in Aprile so all i'm doing is waiting.

    I've asked os many times to O.C. in this forum but everyone comes up with the sa,e fourmes.If you can give me a guide to O.C. the NB i will be more than wlcome to take a looks at it.But for now keep it at 3.9 until the new Bulldozer chips come out this April.

    Thats what i'm really waiting for.!!!
  16. Ok.

    The NB is rated at 2000MHz by default, you can get good performance rising the CPU frequency but if you rise both, CPU and NB frequency the performance will be much better.

    Now, to overclock the NB you need use the same steps that you used for overclock the CPU, change from "Auto" to i.e. 2200MHz and test the rig for stability. Here you also will need find the correct voltage for the NB, that option is located in the BIOS as CPU-NB voltage.
  17. Will i have to adjust the RAM timings if i start to O.C. the NB or is that a enitrely seperate thing?
  18. Ok i just put the NB Freq to 2200mhz and bumped volt up .250,it seems to be holding.So i'll just keep i raise the volt .25 every 200mhz or 400mhz?

    What exactly does the NB do?What will i gain from it?
  19. Not always, rise 1st the 200MHz and if you don't get it then rise the voltage.

    The NB gives your more performance from your 1600MHz RAM linked with your CPU.
  20. Is their anyway i can gain more for my CPU so that i can hit 4ghz?
  21. What is your CPU revision/model?
  22. RB-C3.
  23. Good, with that CPU you will need a voltage between 1.5 and 1.55V not more, adn remember you eyes on the temps.
  24. I think max is 1.55.
    I've tryed 1.5 or even 1.55 with multiplier at x20=4.0ghz but it wouldn't hold.
    Will the NB help obatin that?
    I'm only 100mhz away from 4ghz i don't see how it could be so hard.
  25. 4GHz are difficult, more with a RAM like yours.
  26. What do you mean?
  27. Should i be concerned about the NB temps?
    Is their anyway i can check them?
  28. Nevermind, I though that your RAM is 1333 and it's not.

    You can use HWMonitor to check the NB temps.
  29. Where is it located?
    Could you point plz...
  30. So i'm up to 2400mhz on the NB so far with voltage at 1.145.For some reason i'm starting to get this error when i run prime95.It was on Worker#3(CPU Core #3) yesterday and now it's at Worker #4(CPU Core #4) today.I have never gotton this error before so i can only assume it's got something to do with the NB,i'll i've done to the NB is adjust the freq. and voltage.Do you have any ideas what might be causing it?
  31. I think that is TIMP2, and that 80ºC are pretty high.

    Add a little more voltage to NB or decrease frequency.
  32. The reason that one temp reading is so high is because i think when i was transporting my computer i hit it against something really hard on accident.Everyworks but i think thats the only casuality from it.Must have messed up the thermometer.
    So if TIMP2 is the NB than i guess theirs no real way of knowing what it's actual tempature is.Their is a good sized heatsink on the NB i don't think it would get to hot.

    This is my mobo

    Where the GIGABYTE logo is on the heatsink that is the NB right?
  33. Yeah, the blue logo is where the NB is located.
  34. Should i keep the NB?I haven't continued to O.C. because i started getting an error when i stress test and it will stop stressing whichever core the error happend to.It's alternating between Core 3 and 4.

    Do you have any idea why the error occured?
  35. Yea the error is defnitly NB related.I just set everything back to normal and ran a stress test and their were no errors.Any idea of why that might be or what would be causing it?
  36. Try 1st with 2200MHz, not the 2600MHz in one jump.
  37. I tryed 2400mhz and thats when i got errors.Do you think this error might be motherboard related also?
  38. Try with a little more voltage on CPU-NB Voltage option in BIOS.
  39. So i turned up the voltage a bit for the NB since i was increasing the CPU core clock?The thing thats with the multiplyier default is 200=x19.5 so i started to bump it to around 207 or 208 but it wouldn't hold.While doing this i noticed that when i increase the NB voltage i don't errors but when i change the NB multiplier i start getting errors.Either i'm not doing it right or it's just the mobo.
    I think it's just my mobo thats all screwed up.I might have done more damage to it besides the broken thermometer than i think when i hit it.

    Planning on getting this mobo next month.Hopefully i'll have better luck in general.It's not confirmed but supposidly it is compatible with the new Bulldozer chips.Although AMD is saying it won't i think it's very possible that it will since their have been mobos in the past that are backwards compatible.Ex.AM2/AM2+/AM3 mobos.
  40. You don't need move the FSB, that also affect the DRAM frequency, HT frequency and NB frequency, use only CPU multiplier and NB multiplier.
  41. I realize that it will affect the other componets but i think i've reached my CPUS's thershold.Just can't find anything stable over 4ghz.If i use just the multiplier i can't find a stable voltage,even at 1.55v.,I'd raise the FSB more but the RAM becomes unstable and i don't know how to enter the timings correctly.I still can't justify going from 1.425volts to 1.5 or 1.55volts just to get 100mhz.Do you have any idea why?
  42. CPU limit?
  43. Isn't their some kind of thershold for all prossesors?They have a limit to how far they can be O.C. regardless of temps.?

    I've tryed with just the Multiplier and voltage.Even at max 1.55volts and 200x20 multiplier it won't become stable.
  44. All components has his limit. In CPU scenery, that depends of the year, month, day and plant that did the CPU.
  45. Do you think i'm just not doing it correctly or is it maxed?
  46. Not really, you already tried with different voltage and different settings I'm just thing that you hit the limit of your CPU.
  47. Is it possible to reach a higher overclock with a new mobo?If so how?

    This is the mobo i'm thinking of getting
  48. Best answer
    Maybe maybe not, we can't know that but I can tell you that that MSI mobo is much better that your current one.
  49. Yes i was thinking the same too,i think it will be much faster and it has the new 890 NB so i'm hoping to see good results.
    I guess i just got one of those processors that can't go past 4ghz.

    I'm hoping to get a 1090T or Bulldozer and another 6870 so this mobo will last for a long time.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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