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Ok so I just completed my new build and I am having so slight software issues with monitoring temps. Speedfan has become useless since upgrading. So which other programs are reliable for system monitoring. My build consists of:

X4 965@3.4GHz w/ Titan Fenrir HSF
DDR3 1600 CAS 9
ATI 6870 @ 900/1050 MHz
550-watt 80+ Gold PSU
Win. 7 64-bit

I am seeing some really strange readings from Speedfan like Fan RPM of 16 RPM...Temps seem right as I have used PC Wizard to check also AOD, OCCT, and any other program that could check temps. I just like programs like speedfan, as they are more convienant to run than the aforementioned programs. Anyone know of a fix for this problem with Speedfan on this set-up? Even better does anyone know of any other utility that monitors temps and fan speed in real-time?
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  1. Well for me, the best temps monitoring tools would be Hw monitor and second choice Everest. You cant go wrong with any of them. I also had issues with speedfan..
  2. I personally like RealTemp and CoreTemp.
  3. Hw monitor pro more accurate
  4. RealTemp, CoreTemp, Hw monitor, Everest - all of them are accurate :)
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