Test for Stability how often?

I just tested my overclock with a 24 hour prime95 Small fft and got no errors, should I retest in 30 days to ascertain that it remained stable or am I paranoid?

And would 8 hours be sufficient next time or should it always be 24 hours?

I ran 20 runs of Linx too and Memtest for 9 hours without errors.
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    Sounds like you are good to go. I generally do not retest an overclock (until the next time I tinker with my OC settings).

    If you keep the OC and it is high, you could do a new run in half a year to a year, just to make sure everything is still running smoothly.
  2. Thanks, I'm a generally paranoid individual you see so I wondered if it was recommended to test once each month or something.
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