ASUS P5N-D & OCZ 2x2GB RAM not loading Windows 7

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Home Version
Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D see here:
RAM: OCZ 2x2GB Titanium see here:

When I try to install the OCZ RAM, Windows 7 is unable to load and automatically restarts the computer.

I can access the BIOS after turning the computer on, I have tried manually setting the memory settings to 800MHz, 2.2v and 4-4-4-15 timings in the BIOS, and Windows is still unable to load.

Can anyone help me?

Let me know if you need any more information.
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  1. Insufficient information, does this harddrive have a working copy of w7 loaded. If so was it ever loaded on this board and with what memory. Sata, ide? what were the settings used for the controller when it was working?
  2. The computer has a 1x2GB stick of DDR2 800MHz RAM (made by PNY) which Windows 7 works fine with.
    I am trying to upgrade to 2x2GB. The motherboard supports a max of 4x2GB.
    The hard drive is SATA, 1TB.

    Windows 7 loads and runs with the old RAM but I can't get it to load with the new RAM, although the RAM shows up in the bios on startup. To be more specific, when i press the power button, all the bios screens flash up then the computer proceeds to boot windows, a black screen appears saying "Starting Windows" and normally the windows icon appears in colour, however with the new RAM this does not happen, the screen changes to "windows is loading files" accompanied by a grey loading bar, the bar reaches the end and the computer reboots.

    If anyone uses the same motherboard (P5N-D) and can recommend me some 2GB RAM sticks which work for them in dual channel mode, let me know, because this OCZ RAM appears to be incompatible with my motherboard or something.
  3. turns out 1 of the RAM sticks was faulty, and the other one works fine.
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