Can't overclock my Q6600...


I've been reading a lot around here, to try to overclock my Quadcore Q6600.

I'm running it on the following:

AsRock VSTA board
2GB + 1GB RAM DDR2 667Mhz
512MB Graphic X1600PRO (GDDR3 I believe)
Win7 64bit

I followed th esticky for overclocking the Q6600, but I can't even change the FSB from 266 to 267, it won't start. I get to the point where I can press F2 to access the BIOS, but not a lot further, it simply does not start.

If I try a higher FSB like 300, it won't even start.

Any thoughts on this?

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  1. Have you tried to increase volt to the cpu?
  2. The cpu is running at 1.26v (CPU-Z) which seems to be quite high, right? I don't see an option to change this setting in my BIOS.

    By the way, my memory is running at 320MHz (FSB DRAM = 4:5)
  3. you see in CPU-Z is right and CPU-Z always read 1 @ 320 ram just because JEDEC. does not mean you run with 320 but the fact is a dual 320 x2 = 640.
    so you keep running at 640Mhz even though looks like 320
  4. Please can I get some help on why I cannot overclock?

  5. Hi there,

    Have a look at this link.

    This guide refers to the Asus P5ne motherboard, but has the nuts and bolts of what's needed to overclock the chip.

    I saw this guide and with first attempt had my Q6600 GO running at 3.0ghz within a few mins. It's been stable at 1.3v (my vid) no voltage increase, ever since.

    There could be many reasons why your attempts haven't worked. PSU, Memory, motherboard etc etc.

    You need a good quality PSU, with headroom for your overclock, as with the overclock, your power requirements increase.

    On my board, the memory was an issue. The board didn't like to different size dimms in the memory slots (your 2gb + 1gb). It was ironed out after a purchase of a kit with matched 2 x 2gb dimms.

    Keep trying, hopefully you'll have better luck.

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