Playing CS:S with low detailed and rolled back direct X

My goal is to build the cheapest build I can possibly buy but still play CS 1.6 and Source since these are pretty much the only games I play. From what I can tell onboard graphics are going to have to be it if I am going to keep this as cheap as I want to.

I have read about people lowering the direct X version in the console of CS source ,which should help out a lot of people besides myself, and getting 40fps (unspecified res) with a 6100 onboard graphics chip. I was looking at a 780G which might be a little better.

I'm going to look and see if I can't find benchmarks of CS:S (HL2) with lowest settings in a high res (1600x1200 is what I prefer to play in) maybe toms charts have it. But I these charts won't account for any gain in fps caused my rolling back the direct x version being used. My goal is to be able to play CS:S (since 1.6 is easily conquered) in 1600 resolution in low settings with rolled back direct X and get 70fps and keep price as low as possible.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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  1. what is your budget? how cheap are we talking?
  2. rgr. go with thekidx's mobo recommendation.
    u can also get a cheaper hd than the one i put in there if youd like.
  3. Here is a better PSU too, that thermaltake is bad news. Only Thermaltake toughpower PSU's are worth buying:

    ECS is definitely not my first choice for MB's btw, but that one is affordable, and since you haven't really specified a budget I am assuming a worst case scenario. That ECS should do alright, but Asus or Gigabyte or DFI would be my preferred brands if you could afford one with a 780G or 790GX chipset.
  4. Well by budget I mean Dirt cCheap. I know that I'm trying to squeeze water of out of a rock but I've been successful so far just picked up a 2.8 Pentium 4 with motherboard off of Ebay for 29.99. Can't figure out what kind of ram it takes though. Its a combo pulled out of a dell. My sources indicate that if I couple a P4 2.8 with a 6800 ultra, that I should be able to play 1600x1200 with max settings and get 56fps in CS source. Now all I would have to do is turn down the quality settings plus a lil over clocking, should be good enough aye?
    So the list goes

    Free-Current 80gig hard drive
    24.99-DVD burner
    9.99-Ethernet card
    20.00-Unspecified ram (not sure kind of ram the board takes)
    39.99-6800 ultra
    power supply-
    I'll probably make a new post for this question but I was wondering what if I got one those bargain 19.99 500watt power supply and my max power consumption was like 290watts? Any luck there? Seems write on paper. But anyway thats where things seem to be heading. I'll be playing 1.6 more because I guess more people play it anyways since a lot of people didn't like some of the changes Source brought along with the attention of young, giddy/gay teenie boppers who ruin serious game play.
  5. 2.8ghz are talking socket 478 I think. You will need 184 pin DDR ram, which is very expensive for what you get out of it unfortunately because its not really made anymore, so prices are high for that stuff. And you are talking AGP too I think...

    On the PSU, I don't think you have a might just have to get the cheapest PSU you can find...but do not overclock with it, you will blow your system.

    Really how much can you spend on this system? And is there any way you can save up a little money so you can afford better parts? At the low end of computer hardware, the more you spend the more you will get for your money.
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