Preformance of a HD partitioned with different cluster sizes

I am about to set up a new computer, and was wondering if partitioning my hard drive and then changing the cluster sizes according to what will be stored in that partition will increase the performance of my hard drive.
Thanks, Niklas
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  1. Hello,

    Short answer, yes it will :

    Good luck !
  2. FYI: our Highpoint RocketRAID 2720 also supports
    VSS = Variable Sector Size.

    From our User Manual:

    VSS – Variable Sector Size

    Variable Sector size allows you specify the sector size when creating a RAID array.
    This feature allows older, 32-bit versions of Windows 2000 and XP to support volumes over 2TB. This feature is limited to data volumes – boot volumes are still limited to 2TB in size. In addition, some types of data management or backup software may not recognize the array properly, as they were designed to work with the default Window’s sector size of 512B.

    1. The VSS option is provided towards the bottom of the Create Array menu. In this example a 4-disk RAID 0 array was created, using 1TB hard disks. A sector size of 1K is required for array with a capacity of 1-4TB.

    [end excerpt]

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