Does adding more ram limit the overclocking potential significantly?

I recently added two more 2gb sticks of ram to my pc, and I could not get anywhere near the overclock I had before it. Before adding the ram I had my CPU clocked at 4.2ghz, and afterwards I had a lot of trouble getting it stable at 3.6ghz (if I have the fsb at anything higher than 180 and the multiplier higher than 21, it will not post). I was just wondering if ram normally limits it this much or if I just got a bad stick or two. I have been running Intel Burn Test at maximum ram for an hour and a half now though, and no blue screens/problems yet. I have not tried removing the sticks I had in there previously to see if it will make a difference. I will probably go pick up some blank cds to create an bootable disk for memtest86+.
My system:
CPU Pentium G6950 (@ stock because I got sick of trying to get it back to 3.6ghz/higher)
Cooler Hyper 212+
Mobo Msi H55 E33
GPU AMD 6850
PSU Antec Neo Eco 520w
Ram Adata 1600 mhz 4x2gb

Thanks, and I actually plan on using the extra 4gb for a build I plan on making for my parents, but that will not be for a few weeks.
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  1. Could be many things ..... but adding a 2nd set of modules generally requires a slight relaxation of CAS timings. Many things contribute to a solid OC.

    The Antec Neo is not known as one of Antec's better PSU lines. The SG, CP and HCP lines represent the 1st tier, the TP, TPQ series the 2nd tier and the Basiq , Neo the bottom tier. Run OCCT and look at the voltage graphs at the end of the 60 minute tests .... if they varying much from the reference voltages, could be making it harder to maintain stable RAM voltages. Two modules presents less of a challenge than 4.

    MoBo Voltage regulation also comes into play.....the better the power circuits on the MoBo, the more stable the voltages to all components. As with the above, trying to get two modules to perform in sync over varying voltages is an easier job than trying to get 4 to do that.

    Visit the manufacturer's support site and ask for recommendations on relaxed timing settings when 4 modules are used.
  2. I thought the Neo Eco series were rebranded Seasonics, guess I was wrong, but thanks Ill try those things, if I cannot get anything to work, Ill just pull them out and use them when I get the other build finished, because the extra speed gave me more fps in games than the added ram.
    Edit: the two new sticks run fine by themselves so thats a good thing.
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