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Okay here's a head scratcher. I recently bought a new Dell Vostro pc with Win7 Pro and a Toshiba/ Samsung DVD/CD drive installed. The problem I am having is all my burned cd's are recording all the individual files to a single track when played on a hifi or car cd player, despite the fact that on spin up the hifi reads the correct number of tracks. If I try to select any track other than track 1 the cd player cannot find anything. However, if I play the cd on the pc then all tracks are shown and indexed correctly, and I am able to select and play any track I wish. This occurs on all cd's burned through any 3rd party software (have used Nero7 & 10, Cyberlink,Ashampoo - all which I have used without issue on my old pc). Now here's the interesting part...when I burn through Window 7 inbuilt burner through WMP the discs burn correctly, and are playable on any cd plyer (as you would expect). I believe I have tried almost everything to try and solve this puzzle, used different discs (TDK & Sony), reinstalled software & drivers, checked firmware, and used the full range of burn speeds without success. I have also disabled the internal burner...same result. I have posted on many forums and have come across one or two other people having the same problem, but no solution has benn forthcoming. I have notified Dell support of the problem, but as yet no response.

I think there's a issue where the 3rd party packages are not finalising the cd's, possibly being supressed by Windows 7? Maybe? Maybe not. Any help would of course be welcome, oh and Santa....a new spindle of CDR's would be nice to replace all those I've sent to landfill.
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  1. Interesting update...I have burned cd's on two identical pc's at my workplace and the same error occurs.

    This eliminates the cd drive and software. The fault lies firmly with Dell and Windows 7.

    I have contacted Dell support directly, but as yet no reply.
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  2. Have you tried other burned CDs on the hifi system? Do they work? What were they created with? How old are the HiFi and car CD player?
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  3. Oh, and did you specify the CD as being "final" or multi-session?

    There is MUCH MORE to audio CDs that we think; the ISO 9660 standard that regulate the CDFS has gone through changes over the years...
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  4. Of course the cd's are burnt as final. I am aware of the different settings, I've burnt hundreds of cd's (audio, data) and DVD's (video & data) over the years right back to the good old days of Windows 98. So I'm no novice to this. And the age of my hifi is irrelevant.

    The question still remains...why do my cd's burn okay through Windows media player/burner and not through the software packages I have always successfully used?
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  5. How Do Mate!

    I feel ya pain! I'm suffering from exactly the same problem!!

    I chop up one of my DJ mixes and it records all the tracks on track "1" even though all the tracks are recognised in my pc, when I go and put it in the Hi Fi it only plays the full mix through track one!!

    I too use Nero(8) but I'm starting to think it isn't Nero which is the problem as I've also used iTunes to burn the mix and it is doing exactly the same thing! I noticed in your post you have a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653H, well I have a TSSTcorp DVD+RW SH-S223C and I'm thinking these burners are defective! :pt1cable:

    This has been racking my brains for ages so if you find a solution I'd been keen to know!!

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  6. Ah hah, so I'm I'm not going mad. I'm actually pleased to find someone else is having the same problem, but obviously sad for you admk2.

    Listen, my computer plus 2 computers we use at work were bought at the same time, delivered on the same day and are identical in spec, hardware and software, and this problem occurs on all 3 pc's. So its either a defective batch of burners, or something that Dell has configured incorrectly. I suspect the later, although after Christmas I'm going to buy another burner just to eliminate the TSST issue.

    Tell me admk2, can you burn successfully through the Windows inbuilt burner?, and is your pc a Dell? Interesting you have a TSST burner, I might start and rattle their cage.

    Dell have not replied to my question, so again after Christmas I'm going to get on their case.

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  7. Hi There,

    To be honest I don't use the burner in windows as I primarily use Nero or Ashampoo.

    I can burn (single) multiple tracks using most burning software (including windows) however my problem is when I chop a long DJ mix into say 15 tracks and I burn the CD without the "2" Second gap it some how won't play the 15 tracks on a standard hifi / car stereo, it'll play the whole mix though the 1st track, which is very weird when I stick the burnt CD back into the PC iTunes will allow me to import the CD as 15 tracks!

    I seem to be able to burn normal tracks without any problems (using the 2 second gap) It's only when I take out the 2 second gap it goes all Pete Tong! :(

    My PC isn't a Dell so I'm bit doubtful it's a Dell problem, my guess is leaning towards the actual hardware (TSST Burner). My Brother has a Dell PC and everything works fine on his however I'm not entirely sure what the model his burner is, but he's had no problems with it. Also, I'm running XP Pro not Windows 7 so I would rule out a windows issue seeing as though we have the same problem on different O/S Systems.

    It's got me completely stumped, and I've google'd the sh*t out this problem I still can't find a solution! There must be an answer......... somewhere! :cry:
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  8. Problem solved...well sort of. Bought a new multi drive today, plumped for an LG rather then another Samsung/Toshiba. £27 from PC World but its been well worth it, as the first CD burned in Nero came out as expected.

    Shame its cost me £27 to solve it, but at least I can sleep at night now.

    Anyone want to buy a new TSST Multi drive...?
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  9. Hey,.. i also have this problem haha.. what to do man,,,? :/
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