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Hi, all. I just got a new 60gb OCZ Agility 2 ssd. Once I got 7 installed on the new drive, I noticed a strange problem. Sleep mode would no longer work. The computer would always hang upon resuming. I changed my sleep mode in the bios from s3 to s1, and this solved the problem, but I would prefer to use the lower power s3 mode since I leave my comp in sleep for long periods of time. Any thoughts on how to resolve this problem? Bios and firmware are up to date.

Also, I have heard that sleep mode can lower the life expectancy of an ssd. Is this true? Thanks.
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  1. Update: Re-installed Windows 7. Problem remains. Also, I learned that my motherboard only supports ide mode, not ahci. Not sure why this would cause the problem since the drive functions perfectly in all other respects.
  2. Because an SSD will boot really fast most people will disable sleep mode.
    In other words it's not need when you have your OS on an SSD.
    It boosts up really fast.
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