Old old drive to new drive?

i have this second pc, for web browsing, and word processing.
this is old pc and here are the specs
Athlon XP 3200+
2X 512MB pc2700
Radeon 9250 256MB
WD600 IDE 60GB hdd
win XP Home

i have win 7 with Caviar Black 750GB as my primary PC. and i feel that this one is very slow in booting, and opening applications. so i ran hdtune and got
max 30MB
min 20MB
Avg 26MB
seek 13.6ms
compared to my black
max 110MB
min 70MB
Avg 95MB
seek 11.7ms

strange thing is that hdtune graph was unique. blue line(transfer rate) was in between 30, 25 through out the graph. usually blue line drops as you go right. but this old drive doesnt do that.

anyways. I am considering a cheap caviar blue about 500GB for replacement.

just using it as web browsing and word processing on win xp, do you think its worth it?
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  1. http://support.wdc.com/product/downloaddetail.asp?swid=119

    Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

    You must have at least one WD HDD installed,
    for this software to function correctly.

  2. that means its worth the money?
  3. single platter 500Gb drives are about $50. The samsung f3 is one such drive. You need to decide if $50 is worth it to you. 1tb drive would be 2 platter, 2tb would be 4.

    or spend 80-100 and upgrade your hdd to 1tb (you need more room right? lol) and move the 750gb to the old pc.

    last option is an ssd. but in my opinion, ide based ssd's are way overpriced compared to sata.
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