Netgear router problems with ATT DSL

I have a Netgear Wireless-N ADSL+modem router and have been using with ATT DSL for Internet connection on home network. Something just went haywire and we were disconnected from the Internet. If the PC workstation got back up and running, the wireless laptop could not connect. I cannot understand anyone from Netgear since they have such heavy accents and connection is always bad. They act like they have never heard of their own product. I don't know how to tell if the router is no longer stable or if it is my DSL connection, which I don't think it is the line. ATT is no help since it is not their router, and do not know about any other brand other than what they send with the original set up. Has anyone else had similar problem with the router or DSL Internet service?
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  1. If your PC is on the internet and the Wireless is not, then it's the router. Maybe the router reset itself.

    If it was the internet the ADSL light would be blinking instead of steady on the modem. Plus your PC would not be on the internet.
  2. If you have problems with Netgear, their user forum is reputedly better than most companies'.
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