Raid0 4 disks

i have 2 ssd in raid 0
and 2 samsung 700 gb in raid 0 also
bios recognizes both
my genuine win 7 64
does not recognize second raid 0
system says 2nd disk not initialised
2 ssd in raid 0 is awsome
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  1. Have you gone into the RAID configuration and check it?

    Hope you are backing up your files to external media often runing 2 RAID 0 setups this way.
  2. thank you hang-the-9
    raid settings in bios are ok
    ubuntu recognizes both drives
    installing win7 64 shows both (2 raid) drives
    after install the 1.5 tb drive is gone
    hardware shows 2nd drive not initialised
    and yes yes yes yes thank god, i backuped 1 tb of music and movies
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