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i just overclocked my AMD phenom II x2 555 to a x4 B55. everything was smooth i had all four cores running at 3.7 mhz. i am using Asus Overclocking program. and i pressed the Turbo V button to see what it does and it shut my PC off and when it restarted the cores were at 3.4 mhz. is there a problem or is it a good thing it's at 3.4 and not 3.7. at 3.7 there was more warm air coming out but now it's cool. i tried it once more and all cores were still at 3.4 except one which was at 4304 mhz. my system is stable and i have not gotten any blue screens. should i try to increase any further?
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  1. oh and my specs are as follows: AMD phenom II x4 B55, Gskill 8GB (4 x2GB), Asus 880T-M/USB3.0, 1TB seagate 7200rpm, 580 Watt PSU, ZAlman9700
  2. use bios to overclock turbo v is shittt
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    Turbo is great tool for experimentation. Very convenient for determining limits of your hardware. Be advised however, that once in Windows, the system is more tolerant of OC's. Just because you have a stable OC w/ Turbo does not mean you will be able to satisfactorily boot to those settings. I find it very useful for "getting into the ballpark" so to speak. If I had to enter BIOS and reboot every time I wanted to crank things up a hair, I'd waste a lot of time.

    When I build anew box for someone, generally they are real anxious to bring the box home and start fragging their buds. With just BIOS editing, I'd be at it for hours. With the Windows tools, I can zero into the neighborhood so to speak and then do the final tweaking via the BIOS.
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