Best video card for 24" monitor with DVI connections?

i've just upgraded my monitor to new Dell 2408 which has DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA connections ..

I mostly use the computer for graphic design and photo work.. so NO gaming!

My computer only has a VGA want to get a video card with connections to give me the best possible picture.
What are the best options for me?

Is a video card with DVI the best way to go or should the new video card have HDMI or even DisplayPort connections.
Am I going overboard in wanting HDMI or DisplayPort? (Are HDMI and DisplayPort more than I need?)

Currently have a ATI Radeon X300 SE which must be about 3 years old.

I know absolutely nothing about video cards so any help (in language that I can understand please :wahoo: ) in what is going to be a suitable and sensible upgrade would be much appreciated.
Many thanks
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    Gigabyte HD 4670 + HDMI -

    You can choose whether to use HDMI or DVI-D
  2. Thanks AKM880.

    Do other computer specifications need to be taken into consideration when looking at video cards.

    My computer at the moment is approx 3 years old now...and reading the specs on it is or has

    * Pentium 4 processor 540 with Hyper threading technology, 3.20GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB, 90nm
    * 512 MB 400MHz DDR SDRAM memory..which has had 2Gb added to it...(but what the specs on the extra 2Gb are.. I have no idea),
    * 160GB , 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive
    and the current card
    * ATi Radeon X300 Se, PCI-Express graphics with TV-out port and 128MB DDR video memory.

    Now most of that means very little to me..(hard drive i know is the space available to me to store files etc..and memory is what makes it "speed along" so too speak) but does the other info make any difference to the type of card you recommended?

    Many thanks for your or anyone elses help..
  3. Yes, if you have a older CPU but install a performance GPU the CPU might hold it back. But in your case that 4670 will work, and since your not gaming anyways.
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