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OK so heres my problem. i have a micro atx case with a power supply that is making a incredibly high pitched noise that is driving me crazy. the pitch of the noise changes the more load is on it, so when the thing is just plugged in its really high and loud. once its on it gets lower in pitch. i also know that its not the fan in the psu cause it does not make the noise when its off and the fan is not moving. i would like to solve the problem without buying a new psu or opening the one i have (i would like to avoid being electrocuted as much as possible). any opinions or solutions will be appreciated
thanks in advance!
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    "i also know that its not the fan in the psu cause it does not make the noise when its off and the fan is not moving'

    No noise when the fan is not running, and from that you conclude the fan is not the noise source?

    The fan may well be the problem. One way to test, stupid as this sounds, is to stop the fan briefly while it is running. If you can see / reach the fan while the system is running normally, just stick a rod (Screwdriver?) into the fan for a moment to stop it, but only keep it stopped for a few seconds. When you pull out the rod, make sure the fan starts up again immediately. If it does not, shut your system down right away. If the noise stops when the fan is stalled, you have the source nailed down.

    If this does not stop the noise, and you're still sure the noise comes from the PSU and not somewhere else, your best bet is to replace the PSU. It may have electronic components making that sound and trying to find and replace them is not worth the time, trouble and cost.

    If the fan is the noise source, you have three options. Obviously one is to replace the PSU. Another is to disconnect the power supply completely, take the PSU out, open its case, use a wire to ground out everything inside to its outer case, then remove the fan and try to find a replacement that will fit. The third option, once you have it out, is to oil it. Most have some sort of adhesive label cover on the hub of the fan. You can lift it carefully and stick it back down afterward. Get a small bottle of a light oil, like sewing machine oil, and put a tiny amount (no more than 2 drops) on the bearing or the shaft next to the bearing. Turn the fan by hand a bit to help the oil flow in, then re-assemble and see if that helps. It will not be a permanent fix, so you may have to do it again in a while. In the meantime, look for a replacement unit.
  2. If it's a capacitor that's squealing then a replacing the PSU would be my recommendation.
  3. Right on!!!... Paperdoc,,In fact I had a northbridge fan on an Asus mobo that was so loud it sounded like a small motorcycle..
    At one time or another I have done every fan [all 7 of them] in my system...:)
  4. How long has it been since you dusted the machine out? Ie... a spray duster, I see (or rather hear) this on an almost daily basis at work (friggin Dell propritary fans) remove the case fans (yes all of them) and dust them seperate. Then the CPU/HSF, followed by the PSU (and the chipset, unless it's passive). You can also either replace the PSU fan (check or just replace the PSU.
  5. nope its more than likely a capacitor squeling...... I agree with mousemonkey ....... replace the PSU it will stop
  6. Your PSU is crying for mercy!! Since you didn't list your specs I'm going to assume that you have a relatively decent system but are using a really cheap PSU that came with the Case and it can't hang. Even cheap PSUs with some trip protection will shut themselves off before the squealing noise gets really bad. That means you have a really really really cheap PSU and you're lucky it hasn't blown up taking the rest of the system with it.
  7. Yeah, I'm wondering if we'll hear a distant "BANG!" when it goes...
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