Asrock and Asus mobo comparison (again)

hiya guys i don't know much about mobo but i dont know which of this two mobos should i choose? with Asus P5KPL-AM or Asrock G31M-S ... i always knew the Asus is the best but the Asrock is expensive a little bit and i dont know what exacly is the good on gaming?
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  1. Don't use on-board graphics for gaming.
    I'd get an Asus or Gigabyte P45 (or P43 is fine) board, even if its a low end one, and spend a little extra for even a basic PCI-E graphics card. The built in graphics on the G31 etc are really designed for general Windows tasks not gaming.

    If you really do not have that option, then I'd go with Asus.
    Higher quality of product. It's not just the feature list that's important with motherboards :)
  2. nope im not gonna use onboard card for gaming i know weak they are but these mobo's almost same but i dont know which of these are good for gaming the asrock can use 8GB of ram but only 2slots?! weird..while asus has good OC on RAMs and CPU 4GB is max is fine though its only budget pc
  3. You only need 2 slots, just buy the right amount of RAM to start with.
    Remember if you get 4Gb or more of memory, you also need a 64 bit version of Windows to use it properly.

    If you're getting a card, see if you can afford a motherboard without inbuilt graphics, preferably a P45.

    If you put those boards head to head with the same RAM/CPU/GPU then the results will be almost identical. It's really the CPU and GPU that have an effect on gaming. Both use the same chipset.

    Out of those two options I'd go with Asus myself. Higher quality.
    I've owned Asus, Gigabyte, and Asrock.

    4Gb of RAM will do you fine. I'm still running 2Gb of DDR2-1066. By the time you need more than 4Gb of RAM for games, you'll be replacing the board/CPU anywho.
  4. okay thanks for you answer
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