AMD Athlon 64 Processor

I am wanting to build a computer just for fun, with some spare parts I have.
I have a 300w power supply made by Enlight Corporation
A single core AMD athlon 64 processor ( not sure of the speed )
2 Sticks of kingston ddr memory ( not sure of the speed I cant tell by looking at the stick/sticker)
1 ATI Radeon X850 Pro 256 mb AGP
1 CD burner IDE
1 Floppy drive FDD

I realize that all of this is fairly outdated
but i was wondering what the cheapest computer i could put together with these parts was
I would need a case, mainboard, possibly video card ( or mainboard with onboard video )

What do you guys think, how cheap could I get a system running with the parts I already have?
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  1. $50 - get a mobo off e-bay and the cheapest case at newegg. It would be fine for e-mail and web browsing along with some dated games like Diablo.
  2. used motherboard or look for something new?
  3. I was kind of thinking it would be better to have all new if that was possible , whats the best motherboard for the price that i could use with that cpu ?
  4. I was quoting prices for a used mobo off ebay, there are some new boxed ones available there, but since everything else you're using is used......... as for best mobo your best bet is just to see what's available and then research what is priced at what you want to spend. 1st which actual processor you have, what socket it uses and what has an AGP socket for your GPU.
  5. Hmm single core A64 ..AGP i am thinking socket 754?
  6. Yeah, what socket is the processor? 939, AM2, 754? If it is not an AM2 socket, you are going to have a tough time finding anything new for it.
  7. 200-300 you can go up to a duel core with 2gb of ram and a 790gx or 780 fore even less board that can run older games and then you will be able the add a graphics card down the road if you need one

    amd x2 kuma $70
    (would not go cheaper than this and not more intill you go up to the p2 like the 720 $140)

    asrock 790gx 100$
    (a 780g is not a bad option but the 790gx is better)

    gskill ddr2 800 2gb $30
    (could go up to 4gb but not more than that)
  8. its a socket 939 but wouldnt that processor work in a am2 ?
    also im not worried about the video card not working because of there not being a agp slot, i could use onboard video, or just buy a under 100 dollar card.
    just for referenence though its an 8x agp
  9. :edit:
    i found the paperwork on the exact processor and memory type , ill add that in a bit , thanks a alot for the help
  10. Nope 939 chips can't work on AM2 Guess AMD learnt their lesson and made AM3 chips run on AM2+ hehe
  11. There are a fair few second hand 939 boards on Ebay at the moment, I got one which turned out to be a duffer though so be careful.
    If you want new then there's an asrock board 939Dual-VSTA, fairly popular as it has both pci-e and agp or just agp look for 939Dual-SATA2 or 939A8X-M, need to look for the one with agp support some of them can even take AM2 chips if you can find the rare am2 expansion board (probably very expensive though).
    Second hand, the Asus A8n sli-se is a very common board on Ebay but I would try and get one with a different northbridge fan as that board is prone to fan problems.
  12. What about EPox

    their store claims to still sell 939 boards, is Epox a very good brand though?
  13. Running a tversity media server with an old pc is a lot of fun. I watch all my favorite shows on the PS3 or 360 from my old P4 2.4c with an X800XT. It's satisfying to reuse your old parts for something useful =DD.
  14. Heres an update, the processor is an AMD|A64 3800+ 939 512K R
    The old motherboard that the processor and the rest of the parts used to be in was a Epox NF3250 939
    Would it be wise to just get the same motherboard off the EPox store, or look for something better?
  15. I also have 2 1 gig sticks of DDR 333 memory
    that i said in my first post
  16. What do you guys think about this website ?
    I was looking at the

    ASRock 939A8X-M Socket 939 MicroATX Mainboard with AGP 8x, SATA RAID, 7.1 Audio - Refurbished

    ASUS A8V-MX All-in-one Socket 939 Motherboard w/ VIA K8M800 Chipset, Onboard Video, AGP 8x, SATA 300 RAID


    ASRock 939DUAL SATA2 Socket 939 Mainboard with PCI Express x16 and 8X AGP, DDR1, SATA 300 - Refurbished

  17. Never heard of that site, but I can certainly speak for the ASRock 939Dual-SATAII motherboard. It's a good, solid board. Both AGP 8x and PCI-Ex16 slots (both full speed). If your X850 ever dies on you, you're not limited to just getting another AGP card.

    I was running this board with an AMD Athlon X2-4800+, 2 Gig DDR-400, and an EVGA Geforce 8800GTS-640. She could play Crysis at modest settings @ 1680x1050. It's only drawback that I found is that it only has one SATAII port (two SATAI ports though).

    -Wolf sends
  18. thanks for the reply , is there any reason that the micro ATX board wouldn't be as solid as the standard ATX one ?
  19. No idea. I only spoke for the 939Dual-SATAII board because I own one.

    -Wolf sends
  20. I just threw together my system with the old parts, i decided to get the micro atx 939A8X-M motherboard, my system does POST, and i checked the bios and it is showing all three bootable devices the floppy , cd and harddrive. But i am getting the " NTLDR is Missing press ctrl alt del to continue " Error

    I have windows xp in the cd drive, are there any reasons it isnt booting to the cd to install the operating system?

    I thought maybe i have something plugged in wrong but the bios shows all three devices?
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