HELP! No signal from CPU to monitor

Well I have a compaq presario SR2034NX

here r the cpu specs:

Heres the problemo:

Well so a few days ago I turn on my computer, only to find out that nothing would show on the monitor. The light on the monitor remains orange instead of green. So I figured its the monitor (i'v had problems with it in the past) and hood up my old CRT monitor to make sure its the monitor.

But the crt montor does the same thing. The light remains orange. Then i decided to open it up and see if i can pull out the video card and put it back in, i thought it would solve the problem.

But after looking for the video card, I realize that there is no video card, atleast not it in slot its supposed to be in. So now i'm supposing I have integrated graphics.

Anyway, can someone help me out here? what do you think is the problem?

I'm thinking of going out and buyin a cheap video card and try to see if that solves the problem?
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  1. If you have no display ,,then you can't possibly check the bios to see if the onboard is even on or whatever,AND if you are going to get an add in video card,,might it not make sense to get a good one thus delivering you from that problem once and for all???..:)
  2. what exactly do you mean by a "good" one? i thought they were all "good"?
  3. How much money are you willing to spend on the graphics card and what interface does your motherboard support (AGP or PCIe)
  4. You don't know yet what is cause of this. It might be the processor, ram or motherboard.
    I suggest you take out the ram and see if the motherboard is "beeping".
  5. If you have the money, just buy a new one.
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  7. JDV28 said:
    If you have the money, just buy a new one.

    Buy what? PC, motherboard, ram,etc?
    First is better to find out what might be broken and then start changing parts.
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