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I have a HTPC I wish to improve the CPU cooling on. The system is in an Antec Veris Fusion case which has a pretty strict height allowance for CPU coolers. I currently have a Scythe Ninja Mini cooling an E7200 and this is fine, but I am contemplating upgrading the system to either a Q9550 (since they are only $170 at Microcenter right now) or an i7 920 (since they are only $200 at Microcenter right now). I do game with this HTPC thus the desire for powerful components. Currently i have an Asus P5Q-EM motherboard, but if I go the i7 route I would most likely get either the mATX Asus or EVGA x58 boards (both are on Newegg).

My main question here, is what would be the best CPU cooler that will fit in the Antec case I have? I know that the ninja mini was pretty much designed to fit this case, but I would like something with better cooling as the ninja mini leaves much to be desired on any decent CPU.

Any suggestions are apprecited and thanks in advance!

I have been thinking something like the Corsair H50 would be a possibility as well if it would fit in one of the 120mm fan spaces. I know this unit does not compete with top air cooling rigs but this is only going to be a middle range air cooling, so should still offer decent performance.

Anyone tried one of these in a Antec Fusion case?
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  1. well here is an update. I put the Q9550 and a Radeon 4890 into the system. Got an Asetek LCLC 240mm for cooling as well.

    Before: E7200 and 8800 GTS G92

    After: Q9550 and Radeon HD 4890
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