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hello guys again :hello: , i have a strange question, will there be a problem in wireless adapter if it gets too hot. i mean working non stop.not even in weekend...i ask this b'coz i use wg111v3 adapter after connected to the access point i get's dis connected within 5-10 min automatically ..... but router is workin fine .. my laptop onboard wifi connection stays stable for any long....when i checked the adapter it damn hot, after removing it for cool down and connect it again it works fine may be for 10-20min...i know this sounds stupid but i just really wanna know.....is there a probs.... am totally confused where to post this message category.so i posted it here......thanx in advance for any assistance
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  1. That model adaptor has a history of dropping connections. Just read these reviews:

  2. Hmmm, interesting. I use a Dell laptop with integrated 802.11A/B/G capabilitty that connects just fine wirelessly to my Netgear ADSL router. My Samsung NC10 works just fine connecting wirelessly as well, even in the garden (albeit at slower speeds). The misses uses a desktop (also a Dell) to which I've added wireless capability through the use of the Newgear WG111v3 USB Adapter. I thought that I'd avoid any compatibility issues by using an adapter from the same manufacturer as the router - fat chance.

    After a couple of months of on/off functioning of the wretched thing, I bothered checking it's temperature - surprisingly hot. It connects fine and clearly has good sensitivity as I can see other networks around where I live (the NC10 can't), it just wont keep that connection up consistently. Sometimes works for less than a minute, sometimes keeps functioning for half an hour or so. Connection keeps dropping. Occasionally it reports it's "Excellently" connected - but in reality it can't move a byte.

    I've tried using the software from Netgera's site; I've also tried letting XP (SP3) take care of things - the result is always the same.

    I think I'm ready to give up and try a different product - maybe a built-in PCI interface card?

    Probably not worth trying if such a high proportion of folk are also having difficulties. I wish I'd read the forums before shopping...!
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