Replacement combo drive for Toshiba L505

My son has a Toshiba L505-ES5018 and the one of the tabs that hold the bezel is broken off. Can anyone recommend a replacement drive or is it safe to glue the bezel back on? I assume there is no way to get a replacement bezel. The drive is a H-L Model GT20F.
Thanks in advance.
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    i want help you ,but i don't know how to solve.hope someone can help you ,good luck!

    Thats all you ever say on the threads you post in. I dont quite understand what is broken, but if it is the plastics you can probably just use some glue to reattach it, I could recommend mkaing sure the computer is off before you do so and you dont get glue on any circutry if there is exposed circutry. The alternative would be to have the plastics replaced, which can be done if it is under warranty, if it isnt it would probably cost you more than it should.

    Do you mean the bezel around the screen? Where is is broken?
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