My switch from nvidia to ati and observations.........

Now, I will just say, I upgraded my gpu from 8400gs to 4670.
I was suggested an 8600gt atleast which was daylight faster than 8400gs. I got the 4670 which is even better than 8600gt(according to benchmarks). After usin it for about a month I can say, there aint daylight difference between 8400gs and 4670(atleast the games i play). Games I currently play are: PES2009,GTAIV,AOM,Paradise City,Grid and Deadspace. Out of these, only Dead space is the game where I saw a real difference. As of now, I think the nvidia card was more consistent with framerates and gave a smoother gameplay. Ati has better colors but it just goes sluggish in between for a sec. Is this normal? Is my stock E4300 bottlenecking the card? I would much prefer the performance of the nvidia card. When I say 8400gs gave better frames I mean at w\e viable settings it could play those games. It could play PES2009 and AoM at max and thier perfromance was better under 8400gs than my 4670. Anybody can help me? Or its just ati cards have hiccups in between?
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  1. I'm surprised, the HD4670 is a pretty decent card and it should easily outperform the 8400gs in every game with the E4300. Did you completely clean the old Nvidia drivers out ? Have you downloaded the newest ATI drivers ?
  2. i prefer nvidia personally but the 4670 runs circles around the 8400gs. download fraps and play your games again. the FPS should be night and day under the same settings.
  3. Perhaps a driver cleaning and as well as some overclocking should show the difference between the two.

    ..... Or perhaps you're playing the games at 640x480?
  4. Like several people just stated the 4670 eats the 8400 gs be sure u are actually running it on the same settings resolution. etc as be4 to actually compare the fps. and ofc a driver cleaning wouldnt hurt either.
  5. Ok, sorry for being a little unclear in my earlier post and thank you for your responses. Ofcourse I am getting more fps with the 4670. But, what I feel is........its not day and night ahead of 8400gs. Maybe I should see if it is a driver problem. And well I am playing at 1650X1080 reso. With 4670 my max fps and avg fps have definatly improved by a mile. But its the minimum fps that is bugging me you see. I get lows of 5 fps even though the card could run the game at 60+fps constantly.Will put a fresh copy of windows and see. Installing and trying win7 could help 4670?
  6. well a driver cleaner alone could help yeah. but to be honest im no big fan of win7 yet , atleast not for running games with. But if you wanna go ''crazy'' a fresh install should eliminate most software issues.
    Good Luck
  7. To be fair, the 4670 will get some low FPS from time to time, as its a mid-range card. That being said, the 8400 wasn't even considered a low end card upon its release. Heck, even the 8600 is obsolete for gaming.

    PES and GTA are both games that like extra CPU horsepower, so those two I give a pass on. Still, the 4670 is a far better card then a 8400 ever could be.
  8. Alright ben and gamerk, thx. I will stick with this card and try a driver cleaner. Will stay away from Win 7 then. I am using XP right now and i am very happy. Maybe, just maybe, I was expecting too much from 4670 and hence my super anticipation killed its shine of performance.
  9. The HD4670 should be several times better than the 8400gs, especially at that resolution. Some of the games you mentioned should barely be playable on an 8400gs even on a much lower resolution with the settings turned down. My guess is that you are entirely misremembering the resolution/settings/games with which you were receiving good performance from the 8400gs.
    Put the 8400gs back in and try to run those games at the same settings you are using for the HD4670. I'll bet you get single digit FPS.
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