Two winxp os on seperate hd but can only boot one

my computer is an hp. i have two hard drives in it both with windows xp home edition on them, but when i go to the boot menu it will only let me boot from on of the hard drives. i want to use the other because the one that boots is an expired trial, but the other is activated. i took the hard drive with the activated os from my old comp.
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  1. You need to change the boot order. If they are on the same IDE cable just reveres the master/slave settings.

    WARNING: unless the two computers are VERY similar XP will likely reboot a few times while installing the new hardware, and you will likely need to install a new video driver. There is also the slight possibility XP will not be able to boot at all.
  2. i unplugged the first hard drive now it wont even boot. i think im just going to re format both hard drives. how can i do that without an os/with expired xp? when i try to log on it just says that i have to activate before i can log on
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